Morlacchi, Francesco
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Morlacchi, Francesco

Dirigent, Kapellmeister, Komponist
born 14 June 1784 in Perugia
died 28 October 1841 in Innsbruck

Biographical Details
Komponist, Italien, Deutschland; Ital. Komponist, 1810-1832 Kapellmeister an der Italienischen Oper in Dresden
Gender: Männlich
Place of Activity: Dresden
Geographic Area Code: Deutschland; Italien
GND Subject Category: Personen zu Musik
Morlacchi, Francesco: I Saraceni in Sicilia ovvero Eufemio di Messina | Morlacchi, Francesco: Ilda d'Avenel | Morlacchi, Francesco: La morte d'Abel | Morlacchi, Francesco: La Cappricciosa pentita | Morlacchi, Francesco: Le Danaidi | Morlacchi, Francesco: Tebaldo e Isolina | Morlacchi, Francesco: Gianni di Parigi

Professional Relationship
Benincasa, Gioachino

Name variants
Morlacchi, Franz; Morlacchi, Francesco Giuseppe Baldassare

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Morlacchi, Francesco (Author)
Pirola, 1819
35 S.
Deutsches Theatermuseum München Availability KVK
Morlacchi, Francesco (Contributor), Brand, Cäcilie (Lithographer) reformatted digital; Lithografie, Bl. 19,7x25,4
Universitätsbibliothek Frankfurt am Main Availability KVK
Morlacchi, Francesco (Contributor) reformatted digital; Stich, Pl. 9,5x10,4, Bl. 12,5x18,6
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