Three Sisters

Bibliographic Details
Resource Type: Video
Extent:1 Tanzvideo, Länge: 54 min
Call Number:MCB-DV-4590
Contributor: Sachiko Shirai (Performer), Makie Sekiguchi (Performer), Mao Arata (Performer), Junichi Matsumoto (Contributor)
Description:Performer: Sachiko Shirai, Makie Sekiguchi, Mao Arata

Contemporary dance-theatre company, Pappa TARAHUMARA, adapts Anton Chekov's literary classic to the context of the Japanese countryside in the 1960s. It's seemingly sweet portrayal of three bored sisters grappling with womanhood spirals in to a sensual and charged meditation on female identity, coming-of age and the Japanese obsession with youth culture. This eccentric comic tragedy, narrated through dynamic choreography, is a powerfully condensed alternative to the company's larger-scale multi-disciplinary works. (Quelle: Anm.: Enthalten ist auch eine weitere DVD mit Ausschnitten aus anderen Stücken, u.a. "Ship in a view" (2002). / jst

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