The Resurrection of the Body

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Subtitle:Pier Paolo Pasolini Between Saint Paul and Sade
Resource Type: Druckerzeugnis Elektronische Ressource
Published: University of Chicago Press, 2009
Creation: Chicago, IL
Extent:420 p.
Contributor: Maggi, Armando (Author)
Description:Description based upon print version of record

Italian novelist, poet, and filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini was brutally killed in Rome in 1975, a macabre end to a career that often explored humanity's capacity for violence and cruelty. Along with the mystery of his murderer's identity, Pasolini left behind a controversial but acclaimed oeuvre as well as a final quartet of beguiling projects that signaled a radical change in his aesthetics and view of reality. The Resurrection of the Body is an original and compelling interpretation of these final works: the screenplay Saint Paul, the scenari...
9780226501369 (Sekundärausgabe)

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