Theatre in New Orleans: A Community of Artists

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In:University of Central Missouri: CENTRALspace Repository
Published: 2013
Extent:1 PDF (30 pages)
Contributor: Scully, Aaron M. (Creator), Mollenkamp, Julie (Contributor)
Description:Includes bibliographical references (pages 24-25) ; Commonly referred to as the “fringe” faction of theatre in New Orleans because of their involvement with the annual Fringe Festival and their boundless artistic choices, these artists possess a passion and drive that is infectious. This magnetic quality and their ability to overcome the struggles of producing theatre in a post- Hurricane Katrina environment, currently contribute to the evolution of theatre in the city. These artists meet the challenges of money, talent, space, and audience attendance to produce their art. If they continue with the same energy, originality and creativity, New Orleans theatre is on its way to establishing itself as an integral voice in American theatre.

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