Historia mojego ojca: zaraz wam odegram… Czyli jak pamięta drugie pokolenie?

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Published: Ksiegarnia Akademicka Publishing, 2021-02-01T00:00:00Z
Contributor: Sylwia Papier (Creator)
Description:My Father’s Story: I’ll Play You Right Away… So How Do the Second Generation Remember? The aim of the article is to discuss the life story of the survivor, Majer Jesion and the joint work of daughter and father on discovering memory and the past, as well as to analyze the result of this work: the spectacle 121 023 J (dir. Ariel Goldmann, Sao Paulo), including the construction of the history and stage spaces with the usage of props to visualize the difficult past. In 2002, Renata Jesion decided to put on stage the traumatic story of her father in which she embodied him on stage. The theater medium serves her in the intergenerational transmission of the memory of the Holocaust. This monodrama will be analyzed in the light of the theory of post-memory (M. Hirsch), testifying through the medium of the theater (G. Niziołek, F. Rokem), and Self-Revelatory Performance (R. Emunah, A. Volkas).


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