Item Girls and Objects of Dreams: Why Indian Censors Agree to Bold Scenes in Bollywood Films ...

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Published: Università degli Studi di Torino, 2018
Contributor: Szurlej, Tatiana (Creator)
Description:The article presents the social background, which helped Bollywood film industry to develop the so-called “item numbers”, replace them by “dream sequences”, and come back to the “item number” formula again. The songs performed by the film vamp or the character, who takes no part in the story, the musical interludes, which replaced the first way to show on the screen all elements which are theoretically banned, and the guest appearances of film stars on the screen are a very clever ways to fight all the prohibitions imposed by Indian censors. Censors found that film censorship was necessary, because the film as a medium is much more popular than literature or theater, and therefore has an impact on all people. Indeed, the viewers perceive the screen story as the world around them, so it becomes easy for them to accept the screen reality and move it to everyday life. That’s why the movie, despite the fact that even the very process of its creation is much more conventional than, for example, the theater ... : Kervan. International Journal of Afro-Asiatic Studies, No 21 (2017) ...

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