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Association of German Dance Archives

The Association of German Dance Archives (VDT) is the umbrella organisation created in 2007 by the five leading institutions involved in preserving and cataloguing documents and other sources related to the history of performance and dance in Germany. These five institutions are:

  • German Dance Archive Cologne
  • Dance Archive Leipzig
  • German Dance Film Institute Bremen
  • Mime Centrum Berlin
  • Academy of the Arts Berlin, Performing Arts Archive


Round Table of Berlin Theatre Collections

The Round Table of Berlin Theatre Collections was founded in May 2011 as a forum for the Berlin institutions housing theatre collections, and for theatres and artists who aim to document their own work, to communicate and interact with one another. Berlin not only has a rich theatre history; it is also a rich source of artefacts that bear witness to this past and which are preserved in very different institutions. This is due to the history of the city and also to specific characteristics of theatre. The complexity of the artefacts that have been collected mirrors the complexity of the theatre itself, and the variety found therein reflects the wide range of theatre topics. Both factors make dealing with the extensive and – as is typical for theatre, which is a collective art form – extremely varied materials found in individual archives.